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What is Ratuus?

RATUUS is an easy to use, web based system for administration of POSTFIX virtual domains and users.

Sounds good, but what does it really mean?

Postfix mail server is able to work with non-system users, users which are not known to the operating system. This functionality is very useful since it gives you possibility to use one mail server for multiple domains without worrying that usernames will overlap. Like this you can have address info@domain1.com and also info@domain2.com and they can all point to different mailboxes. These kind of users are usually stored in some kind of a database, with MySQL database being most commonly used.

And this is where RATUUS comes into play - it provides user friendly interface for managing these virtual users and domains. With RATUUS you can easily create, modify and delete domains, users and aliases and all your actions are immediately reflected to Postfix configuration.

RATUUS is using the same database layout as famous PostfixAdmin so migration is quite simple and supported by RATUUS installer.


Ratuus is created and maintained by Miljan Karadzic.

User interface and web site are kindly designed by eLogodesign. Feel free to contact them, they are very opened and friendly. :)


Ratuus is released under GNU GPL v3 or any newer version of this licence. This means that you can download Ratuus, use it for any purpose (noncommercial as well as commercial), you can modify the code, and, well, do what ever you have in mind with it. For more information about the licence please visit Free Software Foundation.