Latest version: 0.3-r2
Released: 20/10/2009
  • Modern and Rich User Interface

    Ratuus is using jQuery and Smarty to provide rich interface to it's users. Together with simple and modern template design, created with user friendliness in mind, it is certain to provide intuitive user experience.

  • Advanced Security Model

    Ratuus contains ACL system with three levels of privileges providing powerful and flexible way to separete privileged users from regular users. Privileged user can have privileges under one or more domains, or superuser privileges for all domains on your mail server.

  • Fully Compatible with PostfixAdmin

    Ratuus is fully compatible with PostifxAdmin database layout. All you need to do to migrate from PostfixAdmin to Ratuus is to run simple, nondestructive installation process. The beauty of Ratuus installer is that it doesn't do any modification in your database layout, which means you can still use PostixAdmin while testing Ratuus on the same database.

  • Open Source Software

    Ratuus is released under GNU GPL license, which means it can be freely used, distributed and modified. Open code licence provides Ratuus users with the possibility to investigate the code, modify and adjust the behaviour to their needs. For Ratuus developers it means easier development model and faster response to user requests.

  • Community Supported Software

    Ratuus is open source software without commercial support, but the support is available on community forum together with feature request. Ratuus development team is opened to all kinds of feature requests, as long as they are in line with Ratuus development plans.